Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

Stuck at FOB Boris. I keep trying to leave, but the winds of good fortune are not blowing in my direction. I just make the most of it. I got a haircut today, including sideburn trim, and close cut on my upper lip. I also took a long shower (I only shower every two days, when I am traveling). I wanted to watch "O'Reilly factor", but a soldier was watching wrestling. I always let the soldiers watch anything they like. I mostly hang out at the recreation center, so that I can read. If you like to read, Afghanistan is the place.

I am a little tired of this "OpSec" crud. OpSec means operational security. In my emails, I am required to let my firm know my whereabouts. This is not classified. Neither is the weather. You just look outside, and you can see if it is raining or snowing. Some helicopters can fly in lousy weather, some cannot. I hate being nitpicked.

I washed my clothes today. The water is safe for washing, but not for drinking. When I am at my home base, I just drop off the laundry, and collect it the next day, clean and folded. The Afghans do a good job. Here, I wash the clothes myself.

I wish I could lose the "blues". Just being in this part of the world, with the loneliness, and the "same every day" routine, gets to be a drag. I get up in the morning, and check with the flight desk, to see if any helicopters are flying. If not, then I just go to the Rec Hall, and watch TV. Lunch is served at 1130. Then I go back to the Rec Hall, and watch "Jeapordy" at 1pm. Then "O'Reilly" at 330pm. In between, I read. Then supper at 500pm. Then back to the concrete hooch.

My bed has two mattresses, the top mattress has steel rods, but, I just position my body, in between the rods. Fortunately, the barracks is quiet, and the heater works well. I try to get to sleep by 1100pm, then it is back up for another day. This place is like "Ground Hog Day", the same every day.

With luck, I can get a chopper back to FOB Salerno soon.

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