Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday morning

Well, the days are passing, until I can fly back home. I finally got my ticketing straightened out. I have a flight from Kandahar to Dubai, and then I will stay in Dubai for about a day, then get a direct flight to Washington DC. I will get into Dulles early in the morning, and get a shuttle out to my house, then climb in the rack. Glad to be rid of Afghanistan.

I went to the Canadian Lodge tonight. It is a regular lodge, recognized by the GL of Kentucky, and I will not get suspended for attending the meeting. I wish that I could attend other lodges, but I can't.

I got back to the office, after the chow hall closed. So I went to TGI Fridays, and I got a chicken caesar salad, and chicken primavera with pasta. I ate the whole meal up, nothing left but grease on the plate. When I get back to the USA, I am going to over-dose on Big Macs, and home made biscuits. My cholesterol is going to shoot up 90points. I can't wait to feast on barbecue, and pasta, and chili, and omelettes. I am going to use the slow cooker and eat fast. Also Wendy',s and I will eat Chinese food, until I pass out. I am so sick of this chow hall food.

It has been fairly dry the last couple of days. I opened the door at the lab, and the wind caught it, and BANG, the door was torn off. There it is, sitting on the floor. I just picked it up, and leaned it against the wall. My co-worker will call in a work order tomorrow, and get it fixed I hope. It has gotten cool, and it just started to rain. What a hassle. I am so glad to be going home.

It is now 5:38. If it was not raining, I would mosey over to the chow hall, and attempt to eat some cold cereal with milk. But I just don't feel like making the trip.

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