Friday, February 11, 2011

Saturday morning. Ready to go home

The last two days, have been pretty awful. The rains have come, and they have come hard. It has been raining, almost constantly for the last two days. This is a desert, and there is not adequate drainage for the rains. Consequently, there are pools and lakes every where. This is Afghanistan, either a pile of dust, or a lake of mud. I hate this place.

There is a huge lake, in front of the tent. I have to go in/out through the back door. At least the tent is still dry, inside. I hope that the rains will cease, and there will not be a flood in my tent.

The chow hall served some decent food tonight. Boneless chicken in a tomato sauce, and rice. Every day there is rice. The desert was a fruit compote. Still no coca-cola, only sprite and orange pop.

The shower trailer had no hot water, so I went to three other shower trailers, and finally found one with hot water. I got an excellent shower. I have not been to the laundry for a week, and there are two bundles of clean laundry to pick up.

At least the internet is fairly serviceable. I can listen to some streaming audio, and I like the BBC. I have a short-wave radio, but it is almost useless. There are not many English language programs, beamed into this part of the world, on shortwave.

I have been going round and round, with the travel agency, and I finally got a ticket to travel home. I will be leaving around the end of the month. I will fly to Dubai, and then get a direct non-stop flight from Dubai, straight to Dulles field. I am so glad to be going home.

I keep fantasizing about the food I am going to eat. I love Huevos Rancheros! You fry some corn tortillas, and then put them on a plate. Then you fry a couple of eggs. You put some mild salsa on the tortillas, and then you put the eggs on the salsa. Then you put some shredded cheese on the eggs, then you put them under the broiler, until the cheese melts. Delicious.

I may overdose on Mexican food, when I get home. I am going to eat a lot of ice cream as well. The biggest thing I am going to do is SLEEP! I will be in a real bed, that does not jam wires into my back. And there will be no aircraft noise.

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