Saturday, November 30, 2013

One more day here

I got an email from a brother in Montana. He thinks I can write a book. I cannot imagine if anyone is interested in what I have to say. I got Thursday off, and worked on Friday. And Saturday. someone left our barracks, and he left behind a blanket. I am using it. The barracks is OK, I guess. at least it is quiet. My typical day. The barracks get noisy about 0630. men starting to wake up .I get up around 0700am. I get a shower every two days. The weather is cool, and showering every day is not necessary. The water in the shower is good enough. It is disenfected, but not "potable". You should not get any in your mouth, so that makes singing in the shower not advisable. I dress, and go to the chow hall. The food is good, you eat on cardboard with plastic forks. I try to get a bowl of cereal sometimes. The chow hall has UHT milk. I was first introduced to UHT milk, when I lived in Germany 1976. I wish I could get UHT milk in the USA. but it is illegal in most places. The "terps" call in on the cell phone about 0800am. I have to go to the front gate, and meet the three men. Then I must escort them through security. Then are patted down, and x-rayed, and the metal detector wand is used. Then they must do the retinal scan. I take them to the office. more later.

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Bruce McGinnis said...

My wife are in Washington visting our kids and grandson. Weather in Montana must be similar to Aghanistan. Two members of my lodge were deployed from October to August 2013. W