Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday night

I will never get used to this country. Today it was fair and pleasant. Warm enough to wear short pants. I have been through two winters in Afghanistan, and believe me, they are cold. I have to fly up to FOB Tillman, and do an installation, then fly on to Orgun-E. I spent ten days at Orgun-E in October 2007. What a dump. No quarters for transients, and I had to sleep on a cot. A decent chow hall. The Chaplain there was terrific, plenty of free time, we would chat about various stuff.

Went to the chow hall for lunch, could not look at the food. No appetite at all. I just got a small spoonful of spaghetti, with some meat sauce, drank a soda, and ate a cookie. Went back to the tent, and watched a couple of movies. One good thing about this job, is that you are traveling a lot, and you do not have to spend much time with any one person.

When I worked in Iraq, I had my own trailer, a 75 foot paradise, wall to wall carpet, and cable TV. Shower house next door. fabulous. Here I am in a tent , and it is 200 yards to the shower house, and then climb up the stairs.

I would like to participate in Masonry in this country, but the opportunities are not there. Most of the FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) have no lodge, and the few lodges that are operating here, are not recognized by Kentucky. I see no reason to antagonize anyone. I have never attended a clandestine lodge, and I never will. If I go and have a plate of fried chicken with some American heroes, someone will "fink" on me. Best to just leave Masonry alone in Afghanistan.

I intend to participate very much, when I return to the USA. I want to get back in the Shrine as well. Masonry is so fantastic, and I have always enjoyed it, no matter where I am. I wish the Grand Lodge of New York would issue a charter for LSA#1, but the Grand Lodge of New York doesn't even answer my mail.

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Anonymous said...

"Masonry is so fantastic, and I have always enjoyed it, no matter where I am."

What, exactly, is so "fantastic"? BY the language and tone you use to express yourself, it would sound as if Masonry is a festivity.

What, exactly, is so "fantastic"? How are you "participating," and what exactly does "participating" mean?