Saturday, November 22, 2008


Took some muscle relaxers to help me sleep. They helped, I had a peaceful night. Got up this morning, and had a peanut butter sandwich, using the bread that I made in the bread machine. I am still sore from falling down, lips first in the gravel. My knee had about 5 square inches of skin scraped off, and my left shoulder is bruised. I hit that gravel square on the lips, and my upper lip is sore.

I have been watching some educational video disks, I sure like to study about the American West, and the pioneers. I have a mini-series of John Adams, on the way, I like to study the American Revolution as well. I am reading a book about the war in the pacific "Eagle against the Sun". I lived in Germany 1976-1978, and I visited many of the WW2 battlefield sites, like Bastogne. I used to have my hair cut, by a former SS tank commander, who fought in the Battle of Stalingrad.

The WW2 battles in the pacific are fascinating. This conflict here in Afghanistan, will intensify. I think the new administration, will not pull us out overnight.

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