Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stuck at Bagram

Unable to get on a chopper yesterday. Next flight maybe Friday, so I will sign up on Thursday. With luck, I can get back to my home base of Salerno Friday. I sure need some clean clothes. At least here, I have a decent bed, and a good chow hall. All I can do is "cool my heels"!!


Adam McGeever said...

I have been referred to your blog from Thank you for your multiple responses to prospective Masons. I am encouraged by your candor that freemasonry, as an organization, is made up of independent minds.

As a non-Mason with a keen interest in learning more, I have enjoyed reading your takes.

All the best in reaching your home base of Salerno.

Martin said...

Wow! What an experience and adventure! As a past master of a Lodge of Masons, it is enlightening to read of the "Ups and downs" of your life at war. Thank you for all you do for us here in the States. My son got back from a 15 month stint in Iraq and I am so proud of all that you do. Take care and keep Freemasonry in your heart always!