Thursday, January 29, 2009

Been off the blog for too long

I apologize, that I have not made any new entries for some time. I got back to Salerno safely, and I was told to leave for another mission to Orgun-E. I went there last October. Then I was informed to go to Forward Operating Base Boris. I went down to see about a chopper flight, and I have been trying to get a flight for three weeks. I finally got out today (29 Jan 2009).

I have been assigned permanently to Bagram Air Base. When I return to Salerno (After this mission) I will collect my gear, and fly to Bagram. I would really much rather stay at Salerno. I have a bed, with a mattress and sheets. I am in a tent, but it is more than adequate.

I will be on a cot, with no privacy at all at Bagram. The base is an anthill, way too many people for the square mileage. It takes forever to get any where.

Anyway, I am at Boris. I got some decent quarters, and the chow hall is adequate, but not Class 1. The chow hall has three meals per day, instead of the two per day served at FOB Tillman. There is a decent Rec Center, where I can use their computers for my work.

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