Saturday, January 03, 2009

3 Jan 2008 Still at FOB Tillman

Wrapping up the work. It is cold and snow flurries. Just enough to make the whole base sticky and muddy. With luck, I can get out of here soon.

If anyone wants to donate personal care items to the soldiers, you can send the items to me, and I will pass along the items to the troops. The guys are nuts about smokeless tobacco (I can't stand the stuff), also beef jerky and chocolate. Soap, toothpaste, razors, etc. are also highly prized. If anyone is interested, please send your donations to:

Charles E. Martin
BETTS-C Project
FOB Salerno
APO AE 09314

On behalf of America's finest, I thank you!!

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Sandy said...

So are salerno, tillman, and orgun e all around each other?
My husband is stationed at "tillman" but he's not there, they keep moving him. They gave me an address for orgun e and he said something about salerno. Are they all central to each other ?