Thursday, January 08, 2009

Leaving Tillman

Well, the work is not done here. But there is a shortage of helicopters, and as the winter weather closes in, there will be fewer flights. So I am leaving Tillman tonight, I cannot say that I am sad to leave here, fact is , it will be good to get back to my home base, and clean sheets, and some privacy. Also the chow hall at Salerno is Class1, with three meals perday. Also I have two months of mail waiting on me, back at Salerno.

The work is not finished here. There is a hassle with one of the power supplies. I do not like to leave a base, where there is a problem.

I have been getting some more comments on the blog posts. I am always glad to get comments, 99.9% of them are very positive. Since I changed the "open comments" policy, the comments got much more positive.

Some individuals have offered to send personal care items and snacks for the troops. For this I am grateful. I take the items down to the Rec Hall, and give them out to the troops. I was at a small base, that did not have any soap, and I collected a couple of soap bars at the Rec Hall one time.

It still amazes me, how much these guys like beef jerky. Personally, I cant stand the stuff. Also, I am amazed at how many of these guys dip snuff and use smokeless tobacco. I cannot think of a more disgusting habit, and it destroys your teeth and gums. Live and let live, though.

I am not glad to be flying at night. I have to wait outside in the cold for an hour on the flight line, then I have to fly in a helicopter, with the back door wide open, and the wind whooshing through the passenger compartment. By the time I get back to Salerno, it will be almost sunrise. Then I have to crawl into the bed, and try to sleep.

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