Saturday, August 04, 2012

On the way to Indianapolis

I finished two months in Huntsville ,ALA. I am now in the airport at Arlington VA (Reagan National Airport). There was a near-miss involving three aircraaft here, last week. This is a horrible airport, and it should have been closed years ago. The runways all end in water (both ends). The approach pattern is all zig-zag, aircraft have to fly down the Potomac river. But this airport is 10 minutes cab ride from the Capitol, and the congressmen/senators use this airport. I will fly to Indianapolis, and the get my rental car. I will drive to a hotel in Edinburgh, IN, and check in. Then I will drive out to Camp Atterbury, and register for the NDC course. I will go back on Sunday, and then spend all week, in processing, and getting my paperwork submitted, and getting an ID card, and all of that hassle. I am scheduled to fly to Kuwait on Friday, 10 August. (Today is August 4, it would have been my father's 82d birthday. I lost him two years ago, and I still miss him)

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