Friday, August 24, 2012

Location: Mez-El-sharif Afghanistan

I am here at Mez. I was informed that I was to fly from Bagram to Mez, and I collected my gear. I was told that we were going to be here for two days. So I took enough clothing for a week. Sure enough, the site was not ready for us to begin work. So I am just sitting here, watching TV, and waiting for the site to be prepared. This is going to be hard, hot work, outside in the heat. Fortunately, Summer is about over, and the Afghan fall will be upon us soon. The work is on deadline, and should be completed by December. If that happens, that will be a miracle. One of my co-workers was terminated. I am sad that he lost his job, but he violated a company policy, and that cost him. Fortunately, I am in good health, healthy enough to pass the military physical. I am 58, and I am amazed that I am in as good health as I am. I am glad that I made the decision not to smoke cigarettes, and my blood pressure is normal. Mez is a typical mid-size post in Afghanistan. I am in a decent plywood "hooch". Air conditioned. Decent chow hall, Today we had spicy italian sausage in red peppers and onions. Rice, and shredded roast beef. Decent pumpkin pie. All I can do is wait, and we should begin work at 0400am this morning.

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