Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Here I am at Jalalabad. I was tasked to deliver some tools to a team at Jalalabad. I got up this morning at 0700am. There was no water in our barracks, so I walked across the way, to an adjacent barracks, and took a scalding hot shower there. There was plenty of water pressure, so I just let is spray and spray. I got my body armor and my helmet, and my tote bag, with clothing and personal items. I went to the office, and got the tool kit, and then went to the flight terminal and checked in. The flight was only 25 minutes. In 2004, I rode in an SUV from Kabul to Jalalabad, on a road that was probably laid out by Alexander the Great. There were huge potholes in the road, and my spine was sore for a week. I got a bed in a tent, and met the team here. They only need a few tools, and tomorrow, we will pass on all of the necessary tools, If they get 102% of a standard tool kit, then fine. I will try to get some sleep tonight, and then we will fly back on Friday or Saturday. This is a HOT HOT HOT place, we are at a lower elevation than Bagram, and the desert heat here is terrific. Luckily, the tent where I will sleep tonight is cool. For the time being, I will just pass some time here in the USO tent, and get some food at 5pm.

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Mark said...

Be safe over there brother. There's no way I could sleep in that heat!