Wednesday, June 14, 2006

14 June 2006

What a day. HOT 115, but strong desert winds make it feel cooler. I went to the office today, got the reports in. Went to the laundry, post office, etc. Mailed in the forms for my visa, will try to go to Russia for R&R. Today is the Army's birthday, so the chow hall had a special meal. Prime Rib, lobster tails, shrimp. At least no one made us sing "The caissons go rolling along". Went back to the office, all is well. I was up at Blue Diamond on Marine Corps Birthday (Nov 10), and the senior marine NCOs were serving the meal in the chow hall. We had to all stand up and sing "Marine Hymn". GUNG-HO these marines are.

Been feeling sick, taking my pills for the desert discomfort. Got to keep my fluid balance up, and take extra salt pills.

Got an email about the Afghanistan project. I am still under consideration. The supervisor asked for another copy of my resume, so I sent him the link. I keep a personal web page, which is great, anyone can access my resume.

Found a letter from my mom, dated November 2005. She suggested that I keep a journal. Ironic, now I keep a blog. If I knew they were free, I would have started this blog a long time ago.

Getting some interesting emails. I asked to start a discussion group for freemasons. They did, and the page just took off. Many military folk, active/veteran/retired are interested in Freemasonry. I have already helped two individuals get petitions! how about that. The internet is doing great things for Freemasonry, it may prove to be one of the tools that keeps the craft from going under.

Time now 1000pm, I am monitoring the systems here. If I can keep it going, I can take it a little easy tomorrow. Also, it is not so hot at night.

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Looked for info at on masonry and couldn't find it still there?