Monday, June 26, 2006

26 June 2006. From a French Mason

Received an Email today. Here is the English translation:

My Dear brother Charles,

I am a Freemason, from the Grand Orient of France (not in communication with the Mother Grand Lodge in England), and I received your news through our mutual connection Brother Roger Nette.

Your mission in Iraq, is very dangerous. I hope that our friends in the American Government will find a way to get you people out of the hornet's nest there, and then return the brave soldiers to their families.

We think that Democracy cannot be exported at the end of an M16 rifle, like a terrorist!

We think that Western-style Democracy can be best shared, by concrete examples of Freedom and secular government.

These examples can re-establish goodwill, with people of other cultures to move on to the establishment of a new political birth in their societies.

Take care of yourself my Brother,

Signed , Armand


What do you expect from a gimlet-assed garlic sucker? Raise one hand if you like the French. Raise two hands and you are French.

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Anonymous said...

Don`t you think that the French were right?