Friday, October 05, 2007

100th post 5 Oct

Flew from FOB Sharana Thursday morning. Arrived at Bagram Air Base. Spent the night in the barracks, a real bed with a mattress. I must sign up at the flight terminal tonight at 6pm, then Saturday morning, fly up to Wazakhwa.

I bought some additional cell phone minutes, so that I can use the cell phone. I also had a Burger King Whopper, the first one I have eaten in many months, and it was good. The PX here is the biggest in Afghanistan, which is not saying much. At least they have a barber shop, and several food service sites.

I will stay at Wazakhwa for a couple of days, then fly the reverse. Back to Bagram, then wait here for a day, then back to FOB Sharana.

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Joe said...

Hang in there brother. We are all pulling for you back home.

Joe V
Federal Lodge #1 Wash, DC