Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday Morning

The office across the path from my tent is now operating 24/7. I watched "Patriot Games", starring Harrison Ford last night. The Dining tent is closed for renovations all day today, so I had to skip breakfast. the Doc thinks I should lose some weight anyway. My Blood pressure is a little high, so I am taking blood pressure medicine for the first time in my life.

I will be flying Thursday morning, so I have to be at the terminal at 0130am in the morning. then I will get a C130 airplane to Bagram, then wait for a helicopter to fly up to Wazakhwa. I have to do 30 minutes of work, and it will take me a week, to do all the traveling. Wazakhwa is bleak, the food service is run by the Polish Army, and the port-a-johns have diesel furnaces where the waste is burned off daily. There is no PX.

There is a masonic lodge meeting this Friday, but I will be gone traveling. I had been invited to serve as Senior Deacon, but I had to cancel. I am very excited about participating in Masonry again, especially here in Afghanistan.

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