Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday night

An interesting week. I spent a week at Wazakhwa ( a dump ). I flew in to Bagram Air Base Thursday afternoon, Oct 11. There was a flight scheduled to Warrior base on the 12th, and I signed up for it. I went to the terminal Friday morning, but the flight took no space-available passengers. There was a flight scheduled on the 16th, and I went to the terminal on the 15th, but the flight was cancelled. The next flight from here (Bagram) to Warrior is not until the 23rd. So I am flying back to Sharana base tonight, and then wait there, and try for Warrior base again.

Bagram is not so bad, I stayed in a concrete barracks room that had a real bed. The shower room was downstairs, but it was OK. I was able to walk to the dining hall, and walk to the office, and I spent most of my time this week in the Rec hall, monitoring my systems remotely.

I had to re-enroll for my medical/dental benefits, I could not hit the web page, so I enrolled by telephone.

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