Friday, December 26, 2008

At Forward Operating Base Tillman

Well, after almost a month at FOB Orgun-E, we finally got a chopper ride to FOB Tillman. I tell you, this place is bleak. The team leader got into a heated discussion with the base commander, and I wanted to fall into a hole! One thing I learned, since I have been working here in Afghanistan and Iraq, is you gotta "play nice" with the Army. Especially junior officers! Put a pair of captain's bars on a man, he thinks he is God almighty.

I got a shower, I was able to scrounge a bar of soap, from the Air Force. I am getting some scale and crud on my toes, so I scrubbed my feet until they were raw. I also got a close shave, with an old razor, and brushed my teeth vigorously. I want to keep my teeth for many years, I have spent a blue fortune on crowns and dental work, I try to keep my gums healthy, they are about the only part of my mouth that is natural!

The chow hall here is primitive, and all the cooks are Army, no foreign nationals or USA civilians. Tonight, they had polish sausages and sauerkraut. I got a huge portion, and ate it all up. (I did not get breakfast nor lunch today). They also had Dr. Pepper in the fridge, I have not had a Dr. Pepper in over a year. I will have to do without Baskin-Robbins for the time being.

My bed has a real mattress! After over a month of sleeping on a military cot, a real mattress, what luxury. It is strange what people find important at the roof of the world. Decent food, a decent bed, hot water in the shower, is about all takes to be happy here!

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David Medinets said...

Hi again. Would it help if I mail you some razors, soap, and some Hershey bars? If so, you have my private email address to response to.