Friday, June 26, 2009

Back to Beledia

On Sunday, I flew to Camp Loyalty, about a 12 minute flight from here. I was lucky, and I found a soldier,with a John Deere Gator. I loaded my duffel bag, and tools, and he took me to the transient quarters. I checked in with the Army, and made arrangements to get a ride to Beledia on Monday morning. I got up at 0600, for the 0630am ride.

I got to Beledia, and found the system was not working. I decided to return to Loyalty. I checked in with the office, and my supervisor told me to get back to Beledia, and dismount the system and bring it back to Liberty.

I spent a difficult night, on a cot, using my shirt for a pillow. Fortunately, there was a general officer in residence there, so the Army sent a hot breakfast over for everyone.

I dismounted the system, and caught a convoy, back to Loyalty. I had gone three days without a shower. I stored the system at the communications warehouse, and went to the transient quarters. I took the grandmother of showers.

Wednesday morning at 0800, I went back and got the system. Then I caught a convoy back to Liberty. I opened all of the equipment cabinets, and found that one of the circuit boards had burned out. I was able to find another board, and replaced the defectiver board.

On Thursday, I called the NCO back at Loyalty, and asked for arrangements to be made, to shuttle me and the system back to Beledia.

Thursday was a HOT day, and I was outside most of it. I washed off the system, and stored it in the packing crate. We had a nice barbecue last night, I offered to buy all of the food and sodas, but one of my co-workers bought everything.

I am finally able to sleep much better. I was able to obtain some sheets, that actually fit the bed. I also got a package of more clothing and underclothes. Keeping a reasonable standard of hygiene in this environment, is difficult!!!

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