Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday morning

In the last 24 hours, another 100 people have read this blog. I am amazed. I did not know so many people were interested.

Yesterday, was a HOT one. We had a bad dust storm, over the past 48 hours. The sun literally disappeared, and when the worst was over, the air was an eerie orange color. Everything had a half-inch of dust on it. We have been washing off the equipment, since the air cleared.

I assembled two satellite dish antennas yesterday, alone. It was hot and I sweated through my clothes. I have to drink 4 liters (a gallon) of water every day, just to keep up with the sweat.

I am delighted to hear from so many people, and especially brother Masons. I often get inquiries about Masonry in Afghanistan, but I do not know which bases have operating lodges. Best I can do, is refer these people to the Chaplain's office, and the recreation center. They can often provide the information.

I will be going to Camp Speicher, after my training and orientation is completed here. My firm has a house there, and my co-workers have informed me, that the quality of life there is good.

Last night, we grilled burgers and brats. I contributed a case of soda pop. The guys were up late, singing and playing guitar. Up till after midnite, actually. I got up early this morn, and picked up some of the trash from the revelry.

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Charles Huff said...

Keep it going. I have been following your blog for some time and you provide a good picture of what our Soldiers and contractors are dealing with.