Saturday, June 06, 2009

A great day

Last night, there was a barbecue, and I was invited. I drove over to Camp Victory, but there was a dust storm, and I could not find the place. I just drove around for a while, and decided to drive back, before the darkness made driving impossible.

I went on a service call this morning, and helped with some repair. This job looks like it is going to be terrific, and I will be learning a lot about Satellite engineering.

The office got a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit installed here, and the office is like a meat-locker. We will not be sweating in the office! I was going through the piles of junk in my room ,and I found a set of new bedsheets! I have been sleeping on the bare mattress.

I am about over the jet-lag, and I got a decent sleep last night. Problem is, the sun rises at 0415am, and the light and heat begin early.

I ate a decent breakfast, the chow hall here at Camp Liberty is decent. I had a good lunch, I will probably pass on dinner. Maybe I will go to the Recreation Center, and see a movie. Last night they showed "Frost and Nixon", but the dance music in the main hall, made it difficult to hear the film.

I met some people who smoke hookah, and I may attend their smoke sessions. Back at Taji, we smoked every night.

What a country!

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