Monday, June 29, 2009


An awful dust-storm yesterday. It was so bad here, that the storm made the news in the USA. The internet was out, and phones were out. the Airport was closed. Today, the air is quite a bit clearer. Still gray and depressing.

I have to return to Beledia, and do an install. The equipment checks out OK here, I just hope it goes properly at the site. I want to keep this job, for the entire year, and perhaps go for an additional year. I hope so.

I got some additional clothing and bedding from my family. This was a godsend. I even have an additional laundry bag. The laundry service here is excellent. With the sweat and the dust, clothing gets nasty fast.

I wish I could sleep more soundly. I have a difficult time falling asleep, and then I must get up a couple of times per nite, to visit the bathroom.

My supervisor gave us the whole day off Sunday (Thank you, Mr. Scrooge). I slept late, and I got a subway sandwich. I watched a couple of movies at the Rec Center. "Duplicity" with Julia Roberts. I also watched some political broadcasts.

I will not be taking any vacation, during 2009. I prefer to take my time off, in between contracts. I have a strange list of priorities:

I like to cook my own meals. When I am here, I eat what the Army tells me, and on their schedule.

I like to watch cable TV. I like to go to the store. Call me weird.

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