Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday night in Zormat

The day started out quite beautiful. I got up, and walked down to the chow hall. The lunch was four tortillas, with ground beef, and salsa. I made a couple of enchiladas. I walked back to the office. The sky was clear and blue. The sky in Afghanistan can be quite spectacular.

I watched the TV screen for a while. Then I helped haul the balloon down. The sky looked a bit threatening.

Supper was unusual. The chow hall served meat loaf. It was little blocks of ground beef, about 2 inches per side. I ate some with strawberry soda.

Evening is quiet. When the balloon is down, there is little to do. My co-worker is refurbishing an old motorcycle. He also does some carpentry work. When the Army needs something sawed or cut, he is always there to volunteer.

I wish I had some leisure activity. I work 12 noon to 12 midnite, 7 days a week. When I get up in the morning, it is all I can do to, put my clothes on, and go to the office (about 100 yards away). This morning, there was some gunfire, the Army must test their big guns, so BOOM every 15 minutes or so.

Got my first paycheck with the overseas bonus. I got no serious issue with the pay. I am certainly no expert on this technology. What the hell do I know about balloons? And the weather? and how to spot wind drafts at 1000 feet? I feel like a real idiot, bending my neck back and staring at the sky.

I am only here for my in-country orientation, Then I will be transferred to another base. It will probably be another small base like this one. I just hope that all of their equipment is installed, I dread having to take a set of this equipment from the crates, and then installing everything.

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