Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Three days on the site

I am at Zormat, Afghanistan. Possibly the bleakest outpost I have been assigned to since I have been working in Iraq/Afghanistan. I flew in by chopper, on May 1. I have a decent trailer, clean and quiet. One other man is in the trailer, he works 12 midnite to 12 noon. I work 12 noon to 12 midnite, so I have the trailer all to myself when I am off duty.

This is a rough assignment. I have to learn new technology, I work the balloon. I also work the electronics and cameras. I never even saw a balloon until 13 April in Akron Ohio. I now must be proficient in operations.

I also have to learn how to work on a lift-truck. Today,I drove the lift-truck around the camp, and ran the elevator up 40 feet. I am not used to heights. We were caught in a cloudburst, and I was soaked, the rain was like needles. We brought it down, and I got in out of the rain, and changed my clothing.

I enjoy hearing from readers, if you have anything you wish to comment on, please feel free.

Charles E. Martin
Forward Operating Base Zormat

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shushkis28 said...

Hey, say hi to my brother Spc. Connors for me! Good luck in the balloon!