Saturday, July 01, 2006

01 July 2006 Ramadi Base

I am at Ramadi base. I flew up last night, and went to the transient tent. What a pig-sty! Trash and bottles and various crap all over the floor. The tent is right next to a 10KW generator, and sleeping is impossible. Went to work at 0800 in the morning, already HOT. Ramadi is in the center of the terrorist stronghold. I have an antenna up at a guard shack, and a soldier was killed in that shack some months ago.

Looks like I will be here for a couple of days at least. It's bearable. I am glad that I brought enough clothes for four days. The mess hall is barely tolerable, not nearly as good as what it used to be last year. Like most mess halls in western Iraq, it has gone downhill.

Fortunately, I can get on a computer at the Recreation Hall. Been surfing the net all day. Also reading "On the wings of Eagles" about how Ross Perot had his people rescued from Iran. As a contractor working in a foreign country, I am interested in this story. Fortunately, I am forbidden to travel on a motor vehicle, or even to leave the perimeter, except by air.

I stopped the automatic posting by the YAHOO group. If someone wants to read this BLOG, they will have to open it on the web like anyone else.

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