Thursday, July 20, 2006

20 July 2006. Ramadi Base

Stuck here one more day. Crud. The data shop is still working on the computer, to get it ready to get on the internet here. Looks like they will work on it today, and it can go on the net tomorrow. Walked down to the guard shack, and checked the antennas, they look good. Walked over to the chow hall. Today they served: baked fish fillets, Hot italian sausages in tomato sauce, rice, corn. Ate the food, and had a bowl of BR cookie dough ice cream. Then walked over to the Rec Hall.

Will spend tonight in the tent,with the generator blowing all night. Then get the system back on line Friday morning, and then hang around the base all day, and try for a night chopper back to Al Asad.

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