Wednesday, July 19, 2006

19 July 2006. Ramadi base

Sunday morning, got the flight to Camp Korean Village. Got the system back on line. Had to wait until Tuesday for a return flight. Came back to Al Asad Air Base Tuesday afternoon. Then grabbed a hot shower, packed some more clothes, dropped off my laundry, and then caught a night flight to Ramadi Base.

Got in at 1100pm, and hitched a ride to the transient tent. It is a lot cleaner, and all the crowd that was there last time is gone, just me and one other person. Still bloody LOUD, next to a 10 KW generator roaring away all night. Slept as best I could, then got up at 0600am. Walked over to the shower trailer, and there was no hot water. Checked out the hot water heater, someone turned the water off, so I turned the water back on. Got an excellent shower.

The helicopter that I flew in Tuesday night, had severe hydraulic fluid leaks in the ceiling. Hot sticky hydraulic fluid dripped on me for half an hour. I now have hydraulic fluid on my uniform at the wrists and knees. One of the hassles of life in Iraq.

Got the system into the data shop for repairs, should be ready by Thursday morning. Went to the chow hall, and had an excellent veal steak, with salsa and rice. Stir-fry vegetables, and Baskin-Robbins strawberry Ice cream. Met a couple of over-the-road civilian truck drivers, and they told their tales of teamstering in Iraq. One of them is interested in Freemasonry.

We have our dispensation! May 2, 2oo6, the GLNY issued the document. We still do not have any New York Masons here, I will not get my dual membership until September 2006. Then we can finally have a meeting!

Not much to do now, just kick back, and wait for the data shop to get the system prepped for going back on line. Will hang out at the Rec Hall, and get dinner, then back to the tent and try to sleep next to the generator roaring away all night.

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Celtic Piper said...

Congratulations on the dispensation from the GLoNY.
Will the lodge get a charter or will you be working as a sojourning lodge. I wish I could be there for your first meeting.