Monday, July 31, 2006

31 July 2006

I keep getting these terrific emails, Here is one from Down Under!

My SAS Sqn {Australian} took that airbase you are sitting in in one night on their own, in a vehicle mounted attack much like Sir David Stirling's mob and the LRDG in WW 11.

Ya want pics of us celebrating our ANZAC day with the Aussie flag on their HQ bunker. This is years ago now though Charles.

Me, yeah I am a Master Mason here in OZ. But I am bent up in body and mind, but am slowly getting back into some shape.

3 Sqn did East Timor {Indonesian bastards killed 250-000 Timorese since 1975 there} Then onto the �Ghan with 1 Sqn, then into Iraq.

Rests break then Ghan again and Iraq, and so it goes on and on.

We mainly now work in Afghanistan though.

We fight above our weight ever since our inception in 1958.

We have never lost anyone to an actual enemy combat engagement or from and enemy Unit.

In fact in Borneo 1964-5 our dead {4} one was dead from a stalking elephant {yes true, a rouge bull stalked the Patrol of 5 for days} we lost 2 in river crossings, and one from illness.

In fact in 10 years in Nam till 1972 {officially pulled out} we lost NONE to the enemy. Now Charles, we are in the Ghan, many years later {with lots of deployments in between} our only loss was 1 dead a bloody landmine.

It hit one of our special desert patrol vehicles {vice-versa}, and we lost a man, that is it.

None dead from anything in our assault on Iraq, where our special vehicles were seen 30 clicks outa Baghdad on the first night of the War by Journalists and Reporters who were being stopped by our guys trying to capture fleeing �special targets� We were the closet in and fired the first shots, with some Seal�s who were way Nth of us

Yeah wounded for sure, but Iraq, Ghan, Vietnam, to Borneo back in 1964 none dead from the enemy.

We are known in Nam by the Viet Cong as �Phantoms of the Jungle.

Hell there is a potted history of one of your main Allies.

Maybe it would be a fitting gift to your NEW IRAQ Lodge to know about the SAS Regiment in a Special Book on us. I have just the one.

And Australia was the original one of three, original Members of the Coalition against Terror, yep the US, UK, and Australia.

It is some luck, but really pure training and discipline that makes us what we are mate

Anyhow I am rambling, as it is late, I need my meds, and my bed, if {I can sleep at all these days}

Stay safe Charles, watch your arse.


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