Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Hot Saturday

This morning started out fairly cool. I got up at 06:15am, and ate a small breakfast. I drove over to the junkyard, and picked through some equipment racks, that had been stacked in a pile. I recovered some parts, that may prove useful.

By 10:00am, it was getting hotter, so I just started drinking more water, and trying to keep cool. In this climate, you have to drink 3-4 quarts of water per day, just to keep even with the perspiration. I used to take extra salt tablets, but I think I have enough salt in my system, because we eat so much canned and processed food here. The dining hall has packets of powdered gatorade, if you need to keep your electrolyte balance up.

Keeping clean in this dusty hot environment is a challenge. I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk, and I use it frequently. There are plenty of places to wash your hands, and with the solar heat, the water is always hot. I got one of the Iraqis to give me a haircut last week. He did a tolerable job, but I just hope he keeps the electric razor properly sanitized, so that he does not spread head lice. The Iraqis are great people, but they do not practice Western standards of personal cleanliness and hygiene.

When I was at Al Asad air base (Aug 2005-Nov 2006), I kept my hair very short. In this climate, and this dust, and the outdoor work that I do, a military haircut is more serviceable.

The work flow here goes in "waves", there will be a large amount of work, and we are all very busy, and then there will be some days, where there is very little to do.


Radcliffe said...

Do Iraqis have any knowledge about solar enegy sources. For that matter do you find them at all educated?

Tom Accuosti said...

Do Iraqis have any knowledge about solar enegy sources.

Yeah, maybe we could make some kind of trade - we buy their oil, and then ship back our solar in the tanks.