Sunday, April 13, 2008

Comment policy

This is MY blog, and I control ALL posts and comments. In the interest of fairness, I take a very liberal view, and I post nearly all comments, even those I do not agree with. Especially those I do not agree with, because I want all sides to be presented.

I get a large number of very bigoted and obscene comments. I once received a comment that was an entire page of "n-------". I once set the blog to automatically publish all comments, but the vulgar and obscene remarks just got out of hand. I had to put a stop to it.

In the interest of fairness, I normally do NOT publish "anonymous" comments, whether I agree with the individual or not. I feel that if a man has an opinion, he should have the manhood to list his name. However, I review ALL comments for publication, and if the anonymous poster has merit, and his comments will be of interest to the readers, I often publish the comment, regardless.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to impart before to you my brother that Kentucky broke the color barrier some time ago, and we accept only worthy men. I have never seen a post on your blog stating that two African Americans were initated, passed, and raised in Devotion 160 at Lexington, Kentucky. Clandestine made Masons are ONLY those who were made so in a Lodge that does not have recognition from our Grand Lodge. This includes the United Grand Lodge of America, the United Grand Lodge of France, and yes, Prince Hall as well as many others. I can promise you that this is not a black/white issue as some of your bloggers have been lead to believe, it is a Consitutional issue. I will state to you again on my honor that I know of no petition from the Prince Hall Masons for formal recognition in our Jurisdiction within the past several years. I don't speak for every Mason in our jurisdiction, only for myself, but I assure you that ignorance does abound and that your actions have brought trouble for you that may possibly cause your expulsion from our Fraternity. What a shame...