Monday, April 14, 2008

Suspended by The Sanctum Sanctorum



2 BOWL CAIN said...

That are good brother arthur peterson

A true southern racist brother.

I am glad to see american freemasons find you guilty before proven so.
Guilty until proven innocent.

The masonic way in america.

Stay away from those masonic zealots.

they are 501(C)10 volunteers, nothing more.

an american helping out his country is ostracised by a bunch of low life punks..

better for you anyway

grailquest said...

While I don't agree with the wording of 2BC, I think waiting out the result of a possible trial would have been prudent and fair.

You are no less a Brother for that, Charles.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

Kangaroo court trial for racists to say your guilty?

Men of integrity do not have time for those petty games....

We are busy accomplishing things out in the public..
not sitting in cush temples casting judgements!

Mike Watson said...

Racism has no place in today's Freemasonry, yet it remains a stark reality

Mike Watson, P.M.
Philadelphia Lodge #74

Prexy said...

Wow. Until now I thought the brethren over at TSS were a fairly reasonable bunch. It is a sad commentary on the state of American "regular" Freemasonry that any of this should be happening. I think I am going to have to cancel my account over there.

Howard Roark said...

Bro. Charles,

These men are not Masons. Free-Masonry is a society of honorable and moral people. Real brothers stick with you through thick and thin. These men were never your brothers but good-timers. As soon as the good times came to end they hit the door running.

By your actions you have made a moral decision in the face of gross immorality. You have chosen the difficult path of doing what's right regardless of the cost. It takes a person of great fortitude to stand behind such decisions - they are heroic by definition.

You did NOT break your oath to anyone - the Grand Lodge of Kentucky broke theirs. Free-Masonry is supposed to be a moral organization. When a lodge or Grand Lodge ceases to be moral then it is a Mason's duty to remove himself from it.

Before taking upon your self those solemn oaths and binding obligations you were told that nothing in them would interfere with what you owe to God, your self, your family, your neighbor, or country. Thus, you were absolved of any oaths and obligations when the organization ceased to be what it claimed and violated any sense of human morality.

Doing what is right is seldom the easiest thing to do, but in the end it is what separates true men from slaves.

Br. Arthur Peterson said...

Greetings Brethren and Gentlemen,

It is not my normal practice to engage comments about myself or any endeavors I am a part of on the internet. Too often it only results in a lengthy debate on baseless opinions with little actual intelligent conversation. In other words gents, it is a waste of my time and yours. I decided that since a few good Brothers have voiced their concerns here, I will address these concerns succintly, but without any kind of debate.

TSS is a forum for regular Freeemasons to come together and learn from one another. It is not a place to rally support for any legal actions pending in any Grand Lodge. We promote Freemasonry, we support our Grand Lodges, and we support each other in doing the same. No decision to bar any member of the craft in good standing is done lightly. We have a very high set of standards that all of our participants are expected to maintain. Failure to do so results in their account being closed. TSS is not a place for everyone, be they Mason or not. It is a place for those who are sincerely committed to promoting Freemasonry, learning about the craft, and working within the system that has kept the craft alive for hundreds of years. No member of the craft is barred from participation arbitrarily. It is only done after lengthy discussion amongst the staff and, in this case, after numerous attempts with the member to get him to comform to our policies. It is not a decission we enjoy, but one that is in the best interest of the forum as a whole. Agendas can be advanced on any number of places on the internet. TSS is simply not one of those places.

That being said, if you would like to see what TSS is really about and you are a regular Mason in good standing, come by and check us out. Our definition of regularity is clearly defined in our rules and mission statement.

Please be aware that I am speaking for myself and not TSS as a whole.

Br. Arthur Peterson

Anonymous said...

Charles was suspended from TSS for lying.....

Cliff Porter

Tom Accuosti said...

Bro. Charles -

After thinking about this situation all weekend, some things aren't sitting quite right.

Assuming that you are being completely forthcoming, I'm questioning what kind of Grand Secretary would send out an email with a forgone conclusion.

In many US states, the WM of your lodge would notify you, and you would be tried on charges in your own lodge. Indeed, since Masonic trials are actually rare, I would have thought that the WM or GM would have contacted you.

Also, I have it on some authority that most Masons in previous good standing would probably be issued a warning or perhaps suspended for a time; expulsion seems to be a bit harsh. And again, whoever sent you that email seems to have already decided how you're going to be dealt with.

Have you contacted the WM of your lodge in KY, or somehow verified that the email did, indeed, come from the GL office? Seems to me that this should be the first step, in case some disgruntled "brother" is having one over on you.

Anonymous said...


You posted a situation as a hypothetical. Now you provide that it was historical. That is not an honest, truthful, and correct way to handle Masonic business.

Then, you aired all of "your laundry", the GL's, you posted your TSS situation, if the court of public opinion will provide you your path.

Some of your regular contibutors are a strange and questionable bunch and I do not believe that if the philosophies of the Craft are working in your heart that you find the answers you are looking for among the likes of 2 Bowl, or Jeff Peace's alter egos.

I think that you should practice some of the lessons provided in your Entered Apprentice degree, pray, and ask for the guidance of Deity in your approach to this.

If you can be more honest in your approach to seeking information and guidence then maybe someday your return to TSS is possible, but you must first learn that running to the blog to discuss everything that may or may not occurr in your Masonic journey is not going to be the best path to learning, sharing, and growing.

Cliff Porter