Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back to work

I have decided to hold off on most postings. Life in Iraq, goes on. My scheduled day off is Wednesday, but I work if needed. The mornings are warm, the heat really builds up in the afternoon. Nights are warm, but I can sleep without the air conditioner. The camp is getting television cabling installed, and we will have TV in the trailers. The dining hall gets CNN, and couple of English TV stations. If you want to give up TV, this is the place.

I am very impressed with the food here, the dining hall is excellent, but some of the guys hop over the American side, and eat with the troops in the Army dining hall. There are some fast-food operations, Burger King, Pizza Hut, taco bell, Popeyes, etc. I ate the Popeyes chicken one time, it was excellent.

I am very impressed with the men I work with. They are all kind, and work hard. I have been in Iraq for two years, and I never worked with Iraqis before.

For the record- I am not in the "green zone", I am out in the boondocks, in a very safe area. I am forbidden from traveling to Baghdad, I have no wish to go there at all.

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