Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nepalese New Years

We have several Nepalese Gurkah guards working for us here. Today is Nepalese New Years Day. They bought a goat, and brought him here to the camp. Then they took him out behind the chow hall, and performed a ritual slaughter. They first gave him a name "Osama Ben Laden", and then they held him down, and took a machete, and slit his throat, ear-to-ear. They took a steel pan, and collected most of the blood, which the Nepalese will use in cooking.

They are going to butcher the meat, and chop it into nuggets, and mix it with curry. Tonight, we will have a celebration, and eat curried goat meat and rice. There will be a stereo set up, and dancing with Nepalese music. The Iraqis will set up the hookah-pipe, and smoke flavored tobacco all night.

Life in Iraq! I love it!!!!

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