Sunday, September 02, 2007

2 Sept 2007

Got a few comments on the blog. I am glad that they are all reasonable. I got some really sick, racist comments last year, I had the blog set for open comments, but the comments were soo off the wall, I had to moderate. Since I started the moderation, there have been no more sick remarks.

Slept all right last night. This is Sunday, and things are slow, but I am working regardless. Tomorrow, a three day training class begins, then on Thursday, I will see about getting to Salerno. I will remain there for a couple of days, then I will get a flight to my duty station, Sharana.

Food here in Afghanistan has been OK. There is never a line at the shower house. The laundry takes 3 days, whereas at Tall'Afar, it was a one day turnaround. Bagram is a big base, there is Masonry here, a blue lodge, Scottish and York rites, even the Shrine and Eastern Star. Where the Americans go, Masonry goes.

There is no lodge at Sharana, but I will start a Masonic Square and Compasses club, and network and socialize with the other masons there. I really enjoyed it in Tall'Afar, but the first sergeant would not permit any advertising or posters. He transferred out, and the new first sergeant would probably have been more reasonable. But I am no longer there, so it does not matter.

The firm is going through some changes, mostly due to the new contract. The technology is the same, virtually indestructible. As long as the electrical power stays on, and the internet stays up, and the operating frequencies stay clear, the job is wonderful. When things go wrong, that is when I step in.

I will probably leave the office a bit early today, things are slow. I called the USA from the Rec Hall last night, the connection was good. The PX here is huge, much bigger than Tall'Afar, I decided to get a short haircut, short hair is much more serviceable and cooler, and easier to take care of in this climate.

I had a sore throat and chest congestion, so I went to the hospital. When I said chest congestion, they automatically assumed chest pain, which means heart attack. They put me on the EKG, and checked my heart rhythm. My heart is "stone cold normal", but they made me stay all night. I spent a fitful night, plugged into an electro cardiogram. Every two hours, they drew blood, to see how much protein was in my blood. I was stuck in the elbow, the wrist, and the belly. I got up the next morning, and was put on the treadmill. My heart checked out fine, but I never got anything for my sore throat.

I am feeling much better ,and I am fit for duty.

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John said...

Brother Charles, Were you ever able to find out about the flags and certificates. I still have some flags that you sent back the last time. But Is there anyway I can get just the certificates. I can exchange them from who I originaly had intended to send them too.