Monday, September 24, 2007

Still at Orgun

Monday morning. I was supposed to fly out of Orgun-E this morning, but the flight was cancelled. I am scheduled for a flight on Thursday 27 Sept. It is cold at night, I scrounged a blanket last night, so it was tolerable. I am on my last set of clean underclothes, I took mine to the laundry, and I will get them back tomorrow.

Not much to do, just surf the net, keep an eye on my systems, and file the reports. Got a letter from the Grand Master of Masons in Kentucky, and I sent in a short response, and I will send in a longer response later. Since I am not in Iraq, anymore, I am not helping on the Iraq masonic project. I wish them well.

Food here is about the same at any mess hall. All of the cooks and servers at the mess hall are Army. There are some local national employees in the kitchen, and cleaning up.

Got to see Jeapordy today. Talked for a while with the Chaplain, just chatting up comparative religions. Talked right through lunch.

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