Sunday, September 09, 2007

Finally got a shower

Sunday night in Sharana, Afghanistan. Spent a night in the tent, noisy with people moving in and out. People came in and got their belongings. I got up this morning, and the tent was empty. I went to the dining tent, and got a decent breakfast. There were T-Bone steaks left over from yesterday. Hard-boiled eggs, hash browns, bagel with strawberry cream cheese. The coffee machine is broken, so no coffee.

Moseyed over to the Mayors office, did a little internet. The soldiers are so nice, they permit me to use the internet on a non-interference basis. Fortunately, because office space is tight, and virtually non-existent! My principal "client" is the Movement control team, which is responsible for shipping and receiving materiel, from around Afghanistan, and worldwide. I was originally slated to get an office in their tent, but they have two new NCOs arriving, so space is not available. I don't care. All I need is a desk, a military telephone, a computer line (I already have my own computer), and some storage space.

I was busy yesterday, I had to load some software on a computer, and take some readings, the computer works perfectly, it is amazing, how in this nasty, dusty environment, the computers just keep on running.

I came back to the tent, and slept a little, then did some reports. Things are slow on Sunday.

The shower tent finally has hot water, so I took the first shower I have had in three days. The laundry has also had no hot water. Tomorrow, I will drop off a weeks worth of laundry at the laundry tent, and then relax!

I am waiting on a tool kit, when it arrives, I will make my first chopper flight, since I left Al Asad, in November 2006. I will be flying a lot. I am anxious to get a Masonic group underway here, I already spoke with the First Sergeant. He is not a mason, but he is very supportive, and he indicated that he would issue a letter, and help us get underway. I need to meet with the Chaplain, and get a meeting room scheduled. What a life!

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