Saturday, September 08, 2007

First Twenty-Four hours in Sharana

I flew from Bagram to Forward operating Base Sharana, on 7 Sept. The flight took about 40 minutes. The base is 7500' above sea level, and the air is thin. I got off the plane, and hitched a ride to the mayor's office, and got a tent. The base is bigger than I imagined, about 3000 American civilians and military. Also there are Republic of Korea and Polish troops.

I got a meal in the Dining tent, and got into the tent. I did not turn off the air conditioning, so it was bloody cold all night long. I just slept as best I could. In the middle of the night, a man came into the tent, and said "Fire in the dining hall". I just went back to sleep. Later the Polish army fired three artillery rounds down the mountain, to discourage the insurgents from camping there.

Got up this morning, and got a decent breakfast in the dining tent. The hot water heater in the shower tent blew up last night, and there was no hot water or cold water in the shower tent. I could really use a hot shower. This is Saturday, so the Army serves a picnic lunch whenever the weather permits. We had Tbone steaks, Ribs, Barbecued chicken, burgers, hot dogs, etc. Also some excellent Shrimp Jamabalaya with Andouille sausage. I don't know how the Army does it, but they can sure serve good food here in the mountains of Afghanistan.

I will be getting some permanent quarters and office space later on. There is a real shortage , the population here is growing, and the infrastructure cannot keep up. There is construction going on, new concrete barracks and office buildings going up all over.

The generator for the one computer here dropped off last night. No power for some hours. When the power came back on, the computer needed to be re-booted, so I went down and re-booted. I also had to install software, and take some readings. Fortunately, the computer is running properly.

I will now have to fly to Orgun, and install software on that computer. I will need some tools, which are being shipped here.

I got a pad for my cot, and it will be more comfortable than sleeping on the canvas. I am hoping that the hot water is back on in the shower tent!

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I should be able to relax!

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