Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stuck at FOB Orgun-E

27 Sept. Got up at 0515AM this morning, and went to the flight desk to see about the flight to Sharana. It was cancelled. I came here to do 45 minutes of work, and I have been stuck here ten days. The next flight is 30 Sept, and there is no guarantee of that one!! I might have to wait until the 3rd of October.

Getting low on clean clothing. I will wash some items in the shower myself. Stuck on a cot, fortunately I was able to scrounge a blanket. COLD in the mornings.

Not much line for the computers, I was able to inform my supervisor of my whereabouts. Would like to call the USA, maybe later.

The bad weather is coming, and it is only going to get worse (with respect to flying). In bad weather, the helicopters will fly less often.

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