Friday, September 21, 2007

21 Sept. 2007

Stuck at Orgun. A small base up in the mountains. Only 9 minutes flying time from my home base at Sharana. The base has a decent rec hall, the dining hall is 100% Army run, the cooks do a decent job. Three meals a day, instead of two. Decent food. Took my first shower today since left Sharana. The water is high-pressured, felt good on my skin, to pummel it. The temperature was not so hot, but it was good to get a shower regardless. I am almost out of soap, and the small OX here carries my brand of soap, but they could not make change for a $20 bill! I will have to wait until tomorrow, and they have some change. The PX is cash only.

The office where my computer is located, did a complete renovation today. They moved all of the furniture out of the building, and painted all of the walls. They had to move my computer around, and so they unplugged some of the equipment!!! I got everything plugged back in, and running properly. It is a good thing that I am here, else I would have had to fly in, and plug everything back in.

It is Friday night, the Islamic sabbath, and the base is on a slow schedule. I finally got to watch "Jeapordy" it comes on at 1pm. The people in the Rec Hall were stunned at my amazing knowledge. They thought I had seen the show before!

I never thought I would get lonesome for pavement. The entire base here, and the entire base at Sharana is 100% gravel and dirt. I brought an extra pair of running shoes, My feet are sore after walking all day on the gravel.

I still have no idea when I will get a permanent quarters. I will be in the tent, sleeping on a cot for a long time. Fortunately, I will have an internet line run into the Mayors cell at Sharana, and I will have unlimited internet time, and not have to rely on the kindness of strangers (like Blanche DuBois).

I brought some extra clothing, I had a feeling I would be stuck here for several days. Just wish there was more to do here. Tonight there is a bible study at the chapel, maybe I will drop in, and observe.

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