Monday, December 01, 2008

Arrived at Orgun-E base

Got up at 0700am. Got to flight line at 0800am. waited until 12noon to fly out to Orgun-E. I arrived here, and I am in the transient barracks. Army cot, six men to a room. There is nothing to do , because there is no equipment here. We will wait until Friday, and then fly on to FOB Tillman.

Decent chow hall here. I ate roast beef and fried fish for lunch. The chow hall is run by civilian contractors from KBR (Houston Tex corporation). The Army is pretty much out of the food service business, no more "KP" for the soldiers. It costs a lot to bring US civilians here to do the cooking, but that is how it is.

There are many Afghans working on this base. I do not trust them. Anyone could be carrying a bomb, they could put ground glass in the food. They all report back to their friends where they are, and they could be providing information to the terrorists.

Sometimes, I tell myself, there has got to be a better way to make a living!

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