Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ill but recovering

This past week, I have been sicker than at any previous time overseas. I picked up some lung crud, and it has knocked me right down. I am at Forward Operating Base Orgun-E. I arrived here on Monday, (it is now Sunday night). I have been coughing and hacking, and delivering all kinds of mucus. I went to see the Army doctor, and he said, a lot of this is going around. When you live in a group living environment, you share all of your germs with everyone in your barracks.

I am sleeping on a cot, with a sleeping bag. The barracks is COLD, and this does not help my illness. The last two nights, I fell asleep on the sofa in the Recreation hall, at least it is warm here. I could not eat any solid food on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, I went to the chow hall, and had some gumbo. I also drank a strawberry/banana smoothie. My diet here is a train wreck, and with the small amount of fruits and vegetables, my immune system has taken a nose dive.

I only take a shower every two days. It is so cold, you do not sweat. I was taking a shower, and I lost control of my bowels, fortunately I was able to clean it all up. If you are going to have an accident like that, the best place to be is in the shower.

All I can do is take the tablets, I got from the Army doctor, and rest up.

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