Friday, December 19, 2008

Fri afternoon

Still stuck at ORGUN-E. Cold, damp, muddy, lonely. I got an interesting e-mail, asking about life here. ORGUN-E is about average for a mid-size camp in Afghanistan.

There is a gym, about average.
The Chow Hall is KBR run, decent food. Every Friday there is grilled steak and crab legs/lobster tails.
There is satellite TV in the Recreation center. There are computers and phones in the Rec Center. I do not thnk there is any wireless internet on this post.

We got our first snowfall, just enough to make everything all muddy. It is about 200 yards to the shower, so I only shower every two days. Laundry is a two-day turn around.

I will just wait until I can get a chopper ride.

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Anonymous said...

My family thanks all serving the free word in these trying times. Nobody is forgotten in our prayers and our support is given to all.
There is no gain in society without sacrafice. How will the world become a more positive place without good people trying to do good things for others.
Have Faith, Give Hope, Offer Charity