Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday afternoon

Starting a new contract, there are 1000 things to do. I got the information package, and contracts in the FedEx last week, and there were about 40 forms to fill out, but nothing about medical. So I called the admin office and asked the person about medical forms. She said I will fill the forms out in Tampa.

I went to Wal-Mart, and got light bulbs, and an ashtray. Larisa said she quit smoking, but since her mom flew back, she has been chain-smoking. She will never quit smoking.

I bought paper towels, and mouthwash, and a decent plate to eat from. I have been eating from paper plates, and I decided enough was enough. I have rubbed holes in my jeans, and I got some iron-on patches.

I went to a meeting yesterday, it was at a mid-eastern cafe. I got some decent hummus (chick-pea paste) and some pita bread. I think it is ironic- In the chow halls in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army does not serve middle eastern food! I had some good moroccan tea, but it costs $2.5o per glass. On the other hand, I got a bottle of water, and it was free.

I paid $17 for my snacks and $15 to park the car. I thought I could drive in to Washington DC on a Sunday afternoon, and there would be adequate parking. BOY was I wrong. I went to a district called "Adams-Morgan", and every free space in the area was filled.

I wanted to go to lodge tonight, but after all this hassle and driving around, I am going to give lodge a pass tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

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