Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday night, Midnight

Got up early this morning. Made biscuits from scratch. I like to measure the flour, and the baking powder. I have a toaster-oven, that is perfect for a batch of biscuits. I also made some sausage and eggs. What a delight to be able to cook my own meals. I have been eating in chow halls since I first hit the ground in Afghanistan, February 2004. That was my first experience in Kabul.

I was hired by a firm in Reston VA. I filled out my security paperwork, and got a military ID at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. I flew on a civilian airplane from Dulles (Washington DC) to London. I then flew to Dubai United Arab Emirates. I drove out to the Al-Udied Air Base, and caught a military flight to Bagram Air Base Afghanistan. The place was primitive. I stayed there, then next morning I caught a chopper to Kabul. I photographed the air traffic control system at Kabul Aiport. I could not wait to clear out of there.

Any way- I am enjoying the transition back to ordinary life. I am getting used to driving again, on the freeways. I got lost Saturday night, and again this afternoon. It is easy to get disoriented. I went to the dentist, and I got a cleaning, inspection, x-rays. I have some deterioration in one of my teeth, I need to get a new crown, maybe.

I bought some hummus (chick-pea paste), and some stuffed grape leaves, and some pita bread. I find it ironic, that in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is impossible to get middle eastern food. I got hooked on hummus, when I lived in Saudi Arabia in 1991.

I got some small submarine loaves. I got some shaved ham, and swiss cheese, and I can actually make a sandwich. When you are eating in the chow hall, that is all there is.

I went to a discussion group on Sunday, up in Adams-Morgan, a district in Washington DC. It was nice to have an intelligent discussion with nice people. There was a man there , who is going to be assigned to China. I was in the foreign service from 1983-1988.

It is the end of April, and it is already getting hot here. Washington DC summers are the worst. HOT and sticky. I already miss the dry heat of the desert.

-I still do not have a definite start date for my new job. I am scheduled to start in Tampa FLA on May 4. I may have to wait an additional time.

In the meantime, I will be "living large". Taking tub baths, cooking my own meals, driving on the freeways, enjoying cable TV, and just "chillin".

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